And the Stakeholders Said…..

In December, Computer Museum of America (CMoA) initiated its first customer satisfaction survey. Our summer intern returned to the Museum to make calls and engage donors and members so that we can continue to meet the needs of our most vested stakeholders and in turn grow this group over the next year. If you spoke with our intern, thank you so much for your helpful feedback. We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have dedicated advocates supporting CMoA.

Below are the four open-ended questions presented and a summary of the feedback given:

1. How did you originally hear about CMoA?
The number one response to this question was ‘word of mouth’.  Never underestimate just how far a quick note on Facebook or recommendation at the bus stop might go. Your advocacy is much more valuable than any marketing plan we might ever devise.

2.Why donate to CMoA or become a member…or both?
Respondents overwhelmingly agreed that the mission and impact already in place at CMoA, in addition to the potential impact for the future, made engaging with us a worthwhile cause.

3. What is the greatest impact CMoA will have on visitors?
The education and preservation of our collective technology and computing history is important to our stakeholders. They believe the need to understand where we have been as we push faster towards the future is a difference-maker for CMoA.

4. What can CMoA do to earn your support and loyalty for years to come?
We were told to ‘keep up the good work’ many times. You want to see events this year for the community, a chance to see more artifacts in use, new exhibits, and educational opportunities like STEAM camps. Several people applauded our communication efforts through newsletters, blogs, and social media as ways to stay abreast of what is happening at the Museum.

We are eager to bring programs and events to CMoA in 2021 as people feel more comfortable getting out. Thank you to everyone who gave us such useful feedback.

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