School Field Trips

School Field Trips

Computer Museum of America is a great place for school field trips whether you have a class of 10 or a team of 120!  We are close by in Roswell with easy access from GA 400 and there’s plenty of parking for school or charter buses.

Our exhibits cover a variety of Georgia Standards of Excellence in Math, Science, Social Studies, and of course, Computer Science.  Additionally, there are lots of opportunities to explore Art, Design, and Language Arts.  Your group of up to 120 students at a time can come for a self-guided visit or we can arrange guided tours and activities depending on the size of your group. 

There’s so much to see in our 35,000 sq ft of exhibits.  During your visit, be sure to check out one of roughly 300 remaining Enigma machines to have survived since WWII, our Award-Winning STEAM Timeline, punch card machines, the BYTE magazine wall, and our Retrogaming area where you can play a game of Pac-Man™ or Donkey Kong™ on a vintage console as well as other games from the 80s.  Have you seen an original Apple I?  We have one, along with a plethora of historic personal computers; mini, mid-range, and mainframe computers, and one of the world’s largest collection of Cray supercomputers.  And just in case that isn’t enough, in our Space exhibit we also have an original Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and Display Keyboard (DSKY).

Things to consider:

  • We can accommodate visits of up to 120 students at a time via rotations of smaller groups, such as an individual class, through each exhibit space or activity area.  Our entry hallway, Silicon Gallery, is a large space that can be used for organizing your group prior to starting your visit.  However, it is recommended that students know their groupings prior to arrival
  • Restrooms are available in Silicon Gallery for pre- and post-visit access.
  • Our museum is all on one level, with curb cut access from the parking lot.
  • A space to eat lunch can be reserved, however, we do not sell food or drinks at the museum. 

Expectations during the visit:

  • You are welcome to look, read, and take pictures, but please do not touch the artifacts unless invited to do so.
  • We do not allow food, drinks, or large bags/bookbags in the exhibit spaces.  Water, in a resealable plastic bottle, can be brought in if necessary.  Coats and bags can be stored during your visit.  
  • Chaperones will be required to stay with their group throughout the visit.
  • Remember that this is a public museum, students need to be mindful of their behavior and volume.
  • Volunteers may be assisting your group; they are here to make your visit great!

View the Georgia Standards of Excellence Grade Alignments for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

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