Past Exhibits

Pop-Up Exhibits

Before the idea of a permanent space was a reality, over the past several years, CMoA has opened for a series of private shows and events in a “vintage” Comp USA building in Roswell, GA. These temporary “pop-up exhibits” served as a “test kitchen” for feedback, input and response from visitors, and informed the plans to develop the museum’s ultimate design and location.

The Apple Pop-Up

The Apple Pop-Up Exhibit followed the journey of Apple from its founding in a garage to becoming one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world.  The exhibit shared stories of some of the remarkable individuals who built Apple and featured rare artifacts such as an Apple 1, the first disk II and controller card, the Apple II and the original Lisa.

LINK - History of the PC

The LINK exhibit documented the innovation and rise of the personal computer. The exhibit took visitors from the present day, through the wild-west beginnings of the PC when commonly known standards were still evolving and ended with a viewing of a Kenbak-1, considered to be the first PC. It showcased artifacts born from the race for faster processing, larger storage, and smaller device size including the original IBM PC, Apple II, TRS-80 and Commodore 64.

Other Exhibits

While considering future exhibits to showcase at our permanent location, CMoA has also created a number of other pop-up exhibits over the past several years, allowing visitors to explore the history of minicomputers, the expansive world of VR, and a retrospective view of Apple at 40. Each exhibit was curated to tell a unique story through use of artifacts, documentation and hands-on experience.

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