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Computer Museum of America (CMoA) joins the new season of Catalyst Games

NEWS ITEM Since 2012, Catalyst Games (formerly known as Start Up Games) has facilitated friendly team building competitions among various organizations by playing games for charity, primarily located in their headquarters of Austin, TX, Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. Company teams choose nonprofits they want to support and sponsors fund each nonprofit organization, with the winning charity receiving the largest donation Points are earned by volunteering for participating nonprofits followed by competing in games on…
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CMoA Unveils Rare, WWII-Era Enigma Cipher Machine

NEWS ITEM Computer Museum of America Unveils Rare, WWII-Era Cipher Machine, The Enigma Computer Museum of America (CMoA) is unveiling a fully restored, operational Enigma machine, beginning on September 18th. CMoA houses one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive collections of artifacts from the digital revolution, and recently reopened in Roswell, GA. Our Enigma machine is believed to be one of the only known Enigma machines in the Southeast with pedigreed papers from 1936 Germany.…
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