Dale Heatherington, Co-founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., Named First Inductee into Computer Museum of America’s Hall of Fame




March 15, 2024

Dale Heatherington, Co-founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., Named First Inductee into Computer Museum of America’s Hall of Fame

Roswell, GA (March 15, 2024) Computer Museum of America (CMoA) is pleased to announce the first inductee into their new Hall of Fame, Dale Heatherington, co-founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. “Dale’s innovations were visionary and resulted in a lasting impact which was paramount in our decision to recognize him as the first inductee in the museum’s Hall of Fame,” said Rena Youngblood, Executive Director of Computer Museum of America.

After working at Norman’s Electronics and National Data Corporation in 1977 he began building and selling personal computer modems. He and Dennis Hayes, co-founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products, built the modems on a dining room table, and after Dale tested them, they mailed them out. Sales took off eventually leading to the formation of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. Dale continued to improve the modem – making it faster and cheaper. They sold 140,000 modems in 1982, at which point it became a commodity item, not only in businesses but also in many households. In 1984, Dale achieved his business goals and chose to retire at the age of 36.

Dale holds 5 modem patents including the AT Command set still in use today by some Bluetooth and modem devices.

During his retirement, Dale continued to tinker with technology in his personal lab and small machine shop, including erecting a 190-foot radio tower in his backyard as an active ham radio operator. In recent years, he enjoyed building robots and entering them in competitions sponsored by the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club, Dragon Con, and other organizations throughout the south. He won many awards for his bots, and one mini-sumo robot retired undefeated. His philanthropic efforts included donating a Mechatronics Lab to STI.

Ann Heatherington, PhD, Dale’s wife of 32 years, accepted the award on his behalf at Computer Museum of America’s annual fundraiser, BYTE: An evening of cuisine, cocktails, and computers, held on March 14, 2024.

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