Georgia Standards Of Excellence – High School

Standards for High School

The standards listed may be touched upon as part of a discussion, activity, or description of an artifact. In addition to the GSE listed below, the museum is a great place to spark ideas!

Language Arts

Visiting students can use the STEAM Timeline to start biographic research.  They can use the exhibits for information and inspiration to write about their experiences here or aspirations that are fueled here.


There are many real life examples of exponents, ciphers, number systems (Base 2, Base 10, or Base 16), and measurements of extreme speed or distance to answer that age old question “When am I going to use this?”


Supercomputing aids the imaging, calculation, and simulation building to help show and understand biological, chemical, meteorological, astronomical, physical, and engineering processes.

Social Studies

Where would we be?  Look at the impact of the Space Race on US society and relations with Russia.  What is in your house today that was originally invented to be used by astronauts?  How did we work before the internet?

Visual Arts

Don’t forget the A in STEAM!  Art and design abound within the exhibits – product design, pop art, portraits, graphic design.  Students can use artifacts such as the BYTE magazine hand drawn covers, infographics on computer speeds, or the animated Apollo video to reflect on topics such as graphic design, portraiture, videography, animation, and marketing.

High School Standards

The exhibits lend themselves to discussions, use as examples, or jumping off points for research or innovation in a wide range of subject areas.  Teachers can use the exhibits to discuss writing styles and research, exponents and parabolic calculations, the Periodic Table, electromagnetism, and Sputnik’s impact on US relations with Russia as just a few examples. The GSE listed below are just a sampling of those at the high school level that can be used to make connections while visiting the museum.  


SAST6. – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to discuss how the past, current, and future explorations of space impact our investigations of the connections between cosmic phenomena and conditions necessary for life.

SAST6a.- Construct an argument based on evidence of the significance of historical and future space exploration as they relate to leaps in technology, cultural cooperation, knowledge, and inspiration.  (Clarification statement: Historical space exploration begins with Sputnik and continues to the present day, including possible future extrasolar exploration, space stations, and colonization.)

Computer Science

Our exhibits house many examples of historic and innovative computing technology.  There are too many possible connections to the 30 Computer Science courses offered in the state to list here.


SP5d. – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about electrical and magnetic force interactions

Physical Science

SPS10. – Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to explain the properties of and relationships between electricity and magnetism.

SPS10c. – Plan and carry out investigations to determine the relationship between magnetism and the movement of electrical charge. (Clarification statement: Investigations could include electromagnets, simple motors, and generators.)

US History

SSUSH11 c.- Examine the influence of key inventions on U.S. infrastructure, including but not limited to the telegraph, telephone, and electric light bulb.

SSUSH20 c. – Examine the influence of Sputnik on U.S. technological innovations and education.

SSUSH23 c. – Examine the influence of technological changes on society including the personal computer, the Internet, and social media.

World History

SSWH22 a. – Describe the cultural and intellectual integration of countries into the world economy through the development of television, satellites, and computers

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