CMoA 2022 Tech Tales

Looking for something fun and engaging to do this summer with kids? Join Computer Museum of America (CMoA) for our third summer of Tech Tales – Storytime for Young Explorers. Each week, children will hear stories about computing, technology, creative problem solving, space, robots or famous people in tech. Following the story, children will dive into a fun (and shhhh…educational) hands-on activity. Plan to arrive earlier or stay later and visit the museum exhibits. Consider a membership and bring the kids for multiple Fridays. For group reservations from daycare centers, please email in advance. Tech Tales, free with admission, starts at 1 PM and runs from June 17th through July 30th. Recommended for ages 5 – 10. 

June 17th
Hedy Lemarr’s Double Life
Guest Reader: Author of Codebreaker Girls, Jan Slimming
Join us as we kick off our summer program with the reading of Hedy Lemarr’s Double Life. Learn about the double life of esteemed Hollywood actress and brilliant inventor Hedy Lemarr. This fascinating story discloses the life of the movie star that had a passion for science and engineering. In 1941 she developed frequency-hopping technology that became a precursor to secure wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth. After the story, children will create their own paper and string telephones and “communicate” with each other.

June 24, 2022
ABCs of Space
Children will learn about dark matter, fusion, stars and more space terms during the reading of ABCs of Space. This story is a colorful and educational introduction to space for the young astronomer or aspiring astronaut. After the story, children will create their own personalized rocket.

July 1, 2022
Doll-E 1.0 and T-Bone the Drone
Guest Reader: Shonda McClosky, Author of Doll-E 1.0 and T-Bone the Drone
Author and illustrator of Doll-E 1.0 and T-Bone the Drone Shonda McClosky will read her books and lead the activity this week. Problem-solving and technology go hand-in-hand as these protagonists save the day. This is Shanda’s second year reading at Tech Tales. She will teach youngsters how to draw her characters and then fly a drone. Participants will also fly mini indoor drones. 

July 8, 2022
Computer Decoders
This week we are learning about ‘Hidden Figure,’ Dorothy Vaughn, who loved all things numbers! Computer Decoders delves into the life of a fascinating woman who was a highly respected mathematician. This story describes how Dorothy had to overcome many challenges with grace and perseverance. After the story, Children will learn how to convert a special date into binary code.

July 15, 2022
What Do You Do with A Problem?
Today’s book is What Do You Do With a Problem? This story is a heartwarming tale for anyone who has ever dealt with a problem. No one is too young to learn the importance of courage and persistence. Children will put on their engineering hats after the story and solve for how to grab something just out of reach.

July 22, 2022
One Giant Leap
One Giant Leap is this week’s selection and we’ll be reading near the Lunar Module replica in the Tribute to Apollo exhibit on the moon floor. Children will learn more about the 1969 moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. After the story, participants will create their very own moon rover. 

July 29, 2022
Rosie Revere Engineer
We are wrapping up this summer series reading Rosie Revere Engineer. This story follows a young girl who has aspirations to one day become an engineer. Where some see rubbish, Rosie sees inspiration to create something great. After the story, children will become engineers for the day by building and then testing their own structures. Just how much weight can their creations bear?

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