Talking Tech at CMoA – Prof. Aaron Lanterman – Music Production Hardware at the Dawn of the Digital Age

Talking Tech at CMoA is a presenter series for all ages. From 15 to 105, you will enjoy a wide array of topics in Tech happening today from industry insiders.

This month’s speaker is Prof. Aaron Lanterman from GATech.  He will be discussing the evolution of digital computing and music synthesis.

“In the 1960s, recording studios were entirely analog. Today, it’s commonplace for music to be created entirely on a laptop. We will explore early applications of digital computing to music synthesis, sampling, and effects processing: Fairlights, Synclaviers, Lexicons, and Don Buchla’s pioneering work.”

Talking Tech begins at 2 PM on October 14th. Prof. Lanterman’s talk accompanies demonstrations from the Atlanta Synthesizer Club from 12 – 4 PM in our Rotunda.  The talk and demos are free for members or with museum admission.