Pixel Putt – A Mini Golf Tournament at Computer Museum of America

On September 28th, CMoA will partner with Area 51 – Fringe Miniature Golf to present our first Pixel Putt Golf Tournament. This fundraiser is a family-friendly mini-golf tournament designed to introduce children, and community, to the fun of golf and the spirit of philanthropy. The event aims to raise funds to support the museum’s educational programs, including our expanding field trip and scout badge offerings. CMoA is on track to triple the number of field trips in 2024, providing more students with the opportunity to explore the world of technology and computing. The proceeds from Pixel Putt will directly contribute to these enriching programs, ensuring more young minds can experience the wonder of technology and its history. Join us from 9 AM – 2 PM for a day filled with fun and philanthropy and play a vital role in inspiring the next generation of innovators.

For more information and how to register to play or become a sponsor, go to https://www.computermuseumofamerica.org/pixel-putt/.