Meet Typewriter Tom – National Oliver/Olivetti Day

A New Twist On the Typewriter

Marking the storied journey from typewriter to computer, Typewriter Tom returns to CMoA in November to help celebrate National Oliver (and Olivia) Day, November 24.

Honoring the contributions of both Oliver and Olivetti to the history of writing technology, this interactive event showcases the evolution of typewriters from the historic Oliver models that set a precedent in typewriter design to the sophisticated and elegant machines of Italian pioneer Olivetti. This is your chance to sit down at the keyboard of one of these historic machines and channel your inner Dickens (or maybe Cormac McCarthy).

“A New Twist on the Typewriter” with Typewriter Tom, November 24-25. 12:00 – 5:00 PM, free for members or with museum admission.

Come view his wonderful collection with friends and family in town for the holiday!