Meet Typewriter Tom

Hollywood Type: Typewriters in the MoviesComputers may have taken over the movie production chores, but there are still plenty of starring roles for the iconic typewriter. Whether co-starring with Tom Hanks or solving mysteries with Jessica Fletcher, the typewriter has played a key role in the Hollywood scene, and movie-making is on the rise in Georgia.Typewriter Tom returns to CMoA on March 4-5 from 12 – 4 PM with a unique collection of typewriters used in the movies, including some just back from recent production shoots in Georgia. This is your chance to experience the movie scene and practice your best actor impersonations, whether sitting at an Adler (Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”) or Underwood #5 (Morgan Freeman in “The Magic of Belle Isle”), as well as many others. Who knows, this could be the big break you have been waiting for…Free with museum membership or admission.