2024 Summer Camps: Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop

Camp Name: Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop
Camp Week: June 24-28, 2024
Suggested Ages: 11 – 14
Duration: Half Day Camp (M-F) 1PM – 4PM
Cost $300 (plus $50 one-time, new camper registration fee)

Skills acquired: Creativity, Photo editing, Photography.

Paths: Next Generation Artists and Designers, opportunities in photography, magazine and print media ad designs, online publication design, and more.

Learn the most in-demand professional graphic design tool in the industry.  Learn to to create as well as manipulate graphics and pictures, generate 3D image, work with multiple file formats and more!  Whether you want to be a part of the school yearbook club, be a graphic designer, or be a freelance artist this is the most important skill in your tool belt.

There is a huge demand for Graphic Designers in Georgia. According to the United States department of Labor the average hourly rate for 90% of Graphic Designers is over $55/hr, and Graphic Designers in Federal Executive branch earn an average of $85,000+ per year.  Future careers are possible a wide range of fields – in addition to advertising and social media, graphic design is needed by companies like NASA and Kellogg’s.  Anywhere you see artistic text and images – it was probably created by a graphic artist.

If you love Visual Arts, take your creative skills to a higher level.

In this course, you’ll unite art and technology to conceive digital content, learn the workflow of the graphic design industry and convert that imagination and creativity into reality using cutting edge software and technology, learn to manipulate pre-existing graphics and create their your own designs.  Whether you are creating billboards, company logos, t-shirt designs, or art; these skills apply to all aspects of design.

Get a head start to a great and rewarding career in digital design.

**Software and Laptops provided at no charge**

TO REGISTER for this camp, please head to:  STREM HQ Camp Registration 2024

CMoA is proud to be working with partner STREM HQ for our 2024 summer camps.