First Bytes, Brews & Bourbon is a Success

Computer Museum of America (CMoA) hosted its first after-hours event since 2019 on Thursday, April 29th.  The series titled, Bytes, Brews & Bourbon was designed to invite the community to visit the museum, see a new exhibit, hear a speaker, or participate in something special happening at CMoA.

We could not be more pleased with how the evening unfolded. As guests arrived, there were smiles and even hugs as people gathered to see the new Computers in the Movies exhibit. This extraordinary subsection of the Supercomputers: Vanquishing the Impossible exhibit really helped clarify how computers have enhanced our world of entertainment. This is done by showcasing the movies where special effects were used for the first time and depicting how computers played pivotal characters we’ll never forget….”Shall we play a game?”

The evening was enhanced further as guests enjoyed bites by Big Oak Tavern located in Roswell and music by The Bourbon Brothers.

We are excited about the June 17th Bytes, Brews & Bourbon event where CMoA will uncover the recently obtained CRAY-2 and feature four murals that cover 2,000 square feet of wall space. We promise you will not be lifted up by the tornado or fall into space, but you might think it’s real for a minute.

For tickets, visit here.  If you are member of CMoA, request the promo code for your discount at

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