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In December 2019, Computer Museum of America (CMoA) began building an exhibit to display a pristine and working 1936 German Enigma Machine and telling the story of how this machine changed history. It is thought that World War II would have continued for 2 more years had the code not been broken by a group located at Bletchley Park in England led by Alan Turing.

Our original unveiling was planned for March 19, 2020 and while the design team set to work telling the story, the administrative team coordinated speakers, catering, and made sure enough gloves were available for guests to wear when they had a chance to touch the machine. Six days before the event, there was no choice but to cancel due to COVID 19 and wait for better days.

We tried to resurrect the event in July but the number of COVID cases in Georgia was on the rise. Soon after we considered holding the event over several nights but that did not work either. We made a commitment to our attendees they would have the first opportunity to see the Enigma exhibit, so we had to think of another way. Finally, we decided to unveil this masterful exhibit during museum open hours but only publicized to ticket holders. We would begin advertising the new exhibit the following week.

On September 11th and 12th, we unveiled the Enigma machine and greeted many guests returning to CMoA. The response to the exhibit and how the Museum pivoted to a new scenario was well received although we all missed having the opportunity to have a hands-on experience.

We look forward to returning to the days of large events and not wearing face coverings as much as everyone else but until that day, we are happy  guests can visit and safely distance themselves while exploring the many attractions throughout the Museum.

Tags: cipher, enigma, exhibit

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